Top 10 Construction Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the way we all live our lives. Our livelihoods have been compromised and many have been pushed to look for better sources of income. If you find yourself as one of the people looking for employment and have skills relevant to the construction industry, here are some of the better openings available in the market.

1. Laborer/Carpenter with Gioia Concrete Construction

Gioia Concrete Construction is currently looking for more laborers and carpenters to help prepare construction projects for concrete installations. This involves utilizing blueprints, having an understanding of various materials and tools as well as keeping things neat and tidy. Knowledge of equipment and concrete finishes will be a huge plus.

2. Construction Manager with M/I Homes 

M/I Homes is looking for someone to coordinate and supervise on-site construction activities for specific subdivisions. Interested applicants will be tasked with monitoring the completion of each construction phase and ensure customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship. Coordination, scheduling, and inspections will be part of the responsibilities.

3. Construction Professional OR Cement Finisher with Nature Stone

Nature Stone is a stone and epoxy flooring industry and is looking for professionals, laborers, and cement finishers to join its installation department. There are full-time, year-round positions available. Applicants will be expected to properly install trademark Nature Stone floors and perform quality craftsmanship.

4. Pipefitter with US Veterans Health Administration

The US Veterans Health Administration is looking for interested parties to install, maintain, and repair plumbing at the VA Ambulatory Care Center. Applicants will be expected to have knowledge of water supply lines, drainage, and insulation. Knowledge of preliminary work such as costing estimates and locating areas in need of maintenance will also be required.

5. Independent Window & Door Installer with Marvin

Marvin is looking for top-quality and expert-level installers who can work with Infinity From Marvin replacement door and window projects. Applicants must be familiar with the Infinity From Marvin brand of windows and doors in order to provide optimal customer satisfaction.

6. Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Helper/Apprentice with Atlas Capital Services Inc.

Atlas is looking for entry-level candidates who are interested in learning a skilled trade.

Applicants will be taking on an apprenticeship with veteran plumbers and drain cleaners. This will allow them to learn the ropes of the job as well as familiarize themselves with the many tools needed.

7. Electrician with the US Veterans Health Administration

The US Veterans Health Administration is also looking for professionals who can provide installations, repairs, and maintenance to the electrical systems that support the VA Ambulatory Care Center.

8. Asphalt Labor with Breck’s Paving

Breck’s Paving is looking for professionals who are interested in providing high-quality asphalt paving solutions to construction projects. This can include pre-phase and post-phase services to provide a satisfying outcome.

9. NPL Pipefitter/Laborer

NPL is looking for applicants in joining the Gas Crew as a pipefitter or laborer. This opening allows for many learning opportunities in the industry as well as a lot of physical tasks. Applicants will be involved with ensuring piping systems are running safely and efficiently.

10. Concrete Contractor with Columbus Concrete Co. 

Columbus Concrete Co. is looking for construction professionals interested in joining their team for concrete construction projects. Applicants will be working with industry veterans on various sites. Tasks include laying foundations, applying finishes, repairing driveways, and other similar responsibilities.

We have listed just some of the many great openings available. The job market has been significantly impacted by the global pandemic. However, there is a rising demand for more laborers to handle essential services. This can greatly improve your options and opportunities for employment.

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